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  • June 2009
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Paper Rose Tutorial

At last!  The long awaited paper rose tutorial.  I first saw a paper rose bouquet on my friend Tracey’s blog.  She had made one for her friend Jackie’s wedding shower.  Outstanding gift and presentation! 


The tutorial by Craft at Home made it look easy.  Well, it wasn’t so easy!  It took some trial and error before I got the roses to look “right”.  My tutorial is more detailed based on my experience.  Thank you to the Craft at Home for the starting point and thank you to Blueberry Photo for the fabulous photos in my tutorial. msn_wink-1.gif MSN - wink (static) image by step666



A couple of notes before we get started:  1) practice practice practice on paper before you use real bills or your final paper.  Try to use something thicker than copy paper.  Copy paper tends to rip when you crimp it (ask me how I know). 

floral-wire(web)2)  Use cloth floral wire instead of nekked wire.  It seems to bend and twist more easily and is much more comfortable on your hands.  At my LSS, the cloth floral wire was more expensive, but well worth it (ask me how I know)!  In this picture, the cloth wire is on the left, the nekked wire on the right.  Also the cloth wire is already cut so no wire cutters needed.

 So let’s get started!   Simply click on any of the pictures to see it bigger.



  • Dollar bills – any denomination you like.  Each rose needs 5 bills.  Find the crispest ones you can.  Or you can use pretty paper.  I would suggest a thicker rather than thinner paper.  Stampin’ Up!© Designer Series Paper is a great thickness for this project.  Paper needs to be double sided as you see both sides.
  • A toothpick
  • Floral wire – see note above
  • Floral tape
  • Floral styrofoam to hold the roses
  • Silk greenery to finish off the bouquet.  My LSS was nearly out of everything the day I went to look for silk flowers.  I really wanted some baby’s breath to go with the greenery.  Last time I was in there, they still hadn’t restocked.  Makes you go hmm…
  • A pretty box or container to put the roses in

toothpick(web)Step 1:  Lay your bill or paper flat your worksurface.  The outside of the petal should be face up.  Lay the toothpick on the corner of the bill and wrap the corner around the toothpick then roll to make the petal curl.    rolling-petal(web)

Repeat on all four corners. rolled-petal(web)


folded-petal-wire(web)Step 2:  Fold your petal in half (curls on the outside) and insert the floral wire.




twist(web)Step 3:  Holding the edges of the paper, bend the wire in a semi-circle to make the petal. 






Pinch the wire together and twist.   You’ll have a funky right angle at the base of your petal.  You’ll want to squish the “butt” in gently to form a flat petal for 3, and leave the right angle for 2 petals.  Here’s what the “squished butt” looks like. squished(web)

5-petals(web)After you’ve rolled squished your petals, you should have something like this.




Step 4:  Time to assemble!  Take one squished petal and one right angle petal.  Position the angle petal perpendicular to the squished petal and wrap wire of angle petal around flat petal.  Huh?  Here are a couple of pictures to help you out!




Repeat on the other side with the other right angle “butt sticking out” petal.




assemble4(web)Step 5:  Add the flat petals.  One thing I found was that the outside petals seem to want to fall away from the inside petals.  To solve this, slide the flat petal wire through the gap in the wires before you wrap the flat petal around your inside petals. 




assemble5(web)Repeat on the other side and there you have it, a money rose!







Finished Rose

Wrap the wires with floral tape.floral-tape(web)

Complete your bouquet by cutting the stems to different lengths and arrange in floral styrofoam.  Add silk greenery and  make yourself a pretty box to put the whole thing in.

8 Responses

  1. Cool tutorial again! The photos really help – you have cornered the market here with PROFESSIONAL tutorial photos!!! Did you get those bills from your money tree outside? 😉

  2. GREAT tutorial girl 🙂 so nicely explained…

  3. Oh Debbi, I can’t wait to try this–what a fabulous project (and tutorial)! TFS!

  4. Great tutorial! Wow! Those are fantastic!

  5. Thanks for such a great tutorial! Step by step! Have to try this one.

  6. Thanks for the great tutorial! What a great shower or birthday gift this would make…thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. ooooooo…..something new!! I really want to try my hand at this one. THanks for the fabulous photos! Now to dig up some practice, practice, practice paper!!

  8. Wow! Another great post! You are on a roll friend! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

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